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Assorted foods(raspberries, carrots, tomatoes, walnuts, various greens) across a tabletop
ELA, Health/PE
Grade 9-12

How can our school improve structures and schedules to best support student wellness?

Image of a lightbulb framed by a chalkboard drawing of a thought balloon.
ELA, Math, Social Studies
Grade 5

How can we plan for a financially successful business?

A large picture of a giant panda bear’s (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) face.
Science, ELA
Grade 3

How can we protect endangered species in our area?

Two children, one wearing a pink shirt and the other a blue shirt, stand in front of a multicolored playground structure in a park.
Science, Math
Grades 5-7

Can one square meter predict the health of our ecosystem?

A stack of hundred dollar bills with labels reading "mortgage," "bills," and "food."
Grades 11-12

How can we create a financial plan for a family?

Green Tree Frog sits on a leaf
Science, STEM
Grade K-2

How can observing the natural world help us find solutions to human problems?

Green Emergency Exit sign with arrow and running stick figure man.
ELA, Math
Grade 2

In case of a fire, what is the best way to safety?

A young sloth hangs from a cable in a jungle in Costa Rica.
Science, ELA
Grade 6-8

How can we teach children to be stewards of the environment?

Close-up of a thermometer laying on the snow, with the temperature just below zero.
Science, STEM
Grade 6-8

How can we help people survive in extreme temperatures?

Image of many plants in a greenhouse
Grade 6-8

How can we reduce the impact of our food-growing systems on the environment?

A group of people in a room raising their hands to vote
Social Studies
Grade 6-8

How can we learn from existing government structures to create an effective and equitable student government?

A petri dish, a microscope, with some chemical formulas and a representation of a double helix overlay.
Grade 9-12

Are GMOs the way to go?

An old book lay open on a wooden table, set against a background of glittering stars
Grade K-2

How can we make stories come alive for kids in our community?

A group of people wading through a flooded street to a pick-up truck to receive containers of water.
Science, ELA
Grade 3-5

How can we keep our communities safe and prepared for natural hazards?

Image of child-like colored pencil drawing of the earth.
Grades 4-12

How can we inspire people to create change?

Modern eco house with solar panels and windmills to use alternative energy
Career/Technical (CTE), Science, STEM
Grade 9-12

How can we design a microgrid to increase our community’s energy resilience?

Four children's legs and feet in pajama pants, children holding mugs of hot chocolate in their laps
Career/Technical (CTE)
Grade 9-12

How can we design and create new sleepwear to model at a pop-up fashion show?

A view of the Earth from outer space, with North and South America visible.
Grade 6-8

How did the continents come to look the way they do, and how will they change in the future?

Conceptual image showing chalk drawings of cityscape growing out of the ground
Science, STEM
Grades 3-12

How can we redesign a public space to make it more environmentally sustainable?

Plant sprouting from dry earth in foreground with city blurred in background.
Science, ELA
Grades 6-12

How can we make a real difference to address climate change?