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Photograph of Mumbai City, India, showing new construction of skyscrapers in the background and makeshift homes in the foreground.
Social Studies
Grade 9-12

How can we develop a sustainability plan to ensure a selected region is future-ready?

The planet Mars out in space
Science, ELA
Grade 3-5

How can humans safely explore Mars?

A volunteer ladles healthy food on a plate in a soup kitchen while a young African-American girl looks on.
ELA, Math
Grade 3-5

How can we plan and prepare a meal to feed people in our community?

An abstract, finance and stock market data graph.
Grade 6

How can we use data to help kids improve their memories?

Children at play in red and blue tubes at recess.
Science, ELA, Health/PE
Grades K-PreK
How can we create a recess path to use during indoor recess?
View of an empty shopping cart as seen from the perspective of the shopper, with the aisle blurred.
ELA, Social Studies
Grade 9-12

What’s the true cost of the things we buy?

Photo of museum roof showing parabolic effect of support structure
Career/Technical (CTE), Math
Grade 9-12

How can we help a local business make the most money?