An empty, medium-sized theater with black and red seats as seen from the back row.
Fine Arts

Setting the Stage

How can we design a theatrical set that adds meaning and power to a production?

Project Summary

Student design teams select and analyze a play and collaborate on the development of a detailed set design for that play. If possible, student teams should craft set designs for different plays that are scheduled for school or local production during the school year. Students should take into account the script, the director’s vision/intent, the budget/materials/technology available, historical context, and the relative complexity of different scene changes during the performance. Teams work together to create mood boards and sketches and to design scale scenographic models (the industry standard is ¼ inch = 1 foot) that contain full details of the set, including colors, textures, entrances, exits, and furniture. Throughout the project, teams engage in critique processes with stakeholders, including the director, stage manager, theater manager, technical director, and others involved in the production.

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