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Closeup photo of a lightbulb on a string of lights
Grades 11-12

What is my story?

Group of students making structures out of cardboard
Math, STEM
Grades 9-11

How can we redesign a product’s packaging to make it more environmentally friendly?

Closeup photo of water droplets on blades of grass
Grades 9-12

How are we impacting the local watershed?

Conceptual image showing chalk drawings of cityscape growing out of the ground
Science, STEM
Grades K-12

How can we redesign a public space to make it more environmentally sustainable?

Photo of museum roof showing parabolic effect of support structure
Grade 9

How can we, as market research analysts, help a local business make the most money?

Group of students gathered around a table
Grades 7-8

How can I survive middle school without losing myself?

Image of many plants in a greenhouse
Grades 6-8

How can we reduce our impact on the food-growing systems available in our community?

Image of microphones
ELA, Social Studies
Grades 6-8

How can we use data to tell a local story that will inform and motivate community members to action?

Group of demonstrators with fists raised in the air
ELA, Social Studies
Grades K-12

How can we make change happen in our community?

Assorted fresh vegetables on a table top
ELA, Health/PE
Grades K-12

How can our school best support our overall health and wellness?

Closeup image of camera lens
Fine Arts, ELA
Grades K-12

How can we, as photojournalists, tell the untold stories of our community?

Image of children holding up a huge sphere
ELA, Social Studies
Grades K-2

How can we take action to make a change in our community?