Climate: The Change We Need

How can we use data to take effective action on climate?

Project Summary

In this project students discover the importance of local communities taking action and implementing a multifaceted approach to solve the climate crisis.

Learning from experts, students are introduced to some of the causes and effects of climate change, as well as potential solutions. Working together in teams, they conduct scientific research to gain a deeper understanding of the human behavior and scientific causes behind climate change as well as its impacts on the environment and on society.

Students are introduced to the work of Project Drawdown, and teams select a specific solution from one of nine sectors to study in depth. As students examine the costs, benefits, and detailed actions involved in implementing this solution, they gather data and information they will use to explain the solution to others.

Students identify a target audience for their information and design an infographic using visual data to show what actions need to be taken and what the outcomes will be if those solutions are or are not enacted. Students present their infographics to policy makers, business leaders, and other community members to inform and inspire them to take specific climate action.

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