Digitally generated waves in a spectrum of vivid colors set against a black backdrop
Fine Arts

Boom Boom Flash!

How can we use light and sound to communicate different kinds of feelings without words?

Project Summary

In this project, students create performances or multimedia art pieces that communicate or evoke a particular emotion using light and sound. To do this, they will explore light and sound through a variety of observations and experiments. As part of their investigations, students will use or create tools and strategies to communicate across distance. They will also deepen their understanding of common emotions (e.g., happiness, sadness, anger, fear, love, excitement, etc.) and look at examples from tv, movies, music, and art to explore the ways that light and sound are used to convey emotions.    

Student teams each focus on a different emotion using what they have learned about feelings, light, and sound to create performances or multimedia art pieces. Some examples could include, shining “happy” lights through colored filters, using large shadow puppets to make images that appear “silly” to an audience sitting far away, or amplifying “angry” drums through student-created cone speakers.

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