An exterior shot of a school with a flag pole in the courtyard on a sunny day.
World Languages

Welcome to Our School (¡Bienvenidos a nuestra escuela!)

How can we use our target language to help visitors learn about our school?

Project Summary

Students work together to create a virtual, bilingual tour of their school. In teams, students identify the most important places in the school. They may choose to customize their tour for a specific audience (for example, new students, members of the larger community who speak the target language, or a pen-pal class from another country). In their tours of each space, students practice their school vocabulary and the present tense in basic forms by including information about activities that happen in that space and people who work there. Teams plan scripts and develop storyboards before producing the virtual tours. The virtual tours will be featured on the school website for speakers of the language to see what the school stands for.

Note that at least 90% of the instructional activities in this project should be implemented in the target language.

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