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Image of child-like colored pencil drawing of the earth.
Grades 4-12

How can we inspire people to create change?

A blue and white collage of blurry question marks.
Grades 4-8

What makes mystery readers keep turning the pages?

A water bottle is recycled in the proper place.
Science, Math
Grades 3-6

How can we use data to reduce our families’ impact on the environment?

A small village of tiny houses, with a small grey-blue house in the center.
ELA, Math
Grade 3-5

How can we design a tiny house that meets the needs of our clients?

Image of a lightbulb framed by a chalkboard drawing of a thought balloon.
ELA, Math, Social Studies
Grade 5

How can we plan for a financially successful business?

Group of demonstrators with fists raised in the air
ELA, Social Studies
Grades K-12

How can we make change happen in our community?

Closeup image of camera lens
ELA, Fine Arts, Social Studies
Grades 3-12

How can we, as photojournalists, tell the untold stories of our community?

A group of people wading through a flooded street to a pick-up truck to receive containers of water.
Science, ELA
Grade 3-5

How can we keep our communities safe and prepared for natural hazards?

The planet Mars out in space
Science, ELA
Grade 3-5

How can humans safely explore Mars?

A volunteer ladles healthy food on a plate in a soup kitchen while a young African-American girl looks on.
ELA, Math
Grade 3-5

How can we plan and prepare a meal to feed people in our community?

Digitally generated waves in a spectrum of vivid colors set against a black backdrop
Science, Fine Arts
Grades K-3

How can we use light and sound to communicate emotion through our art?

A large picture of a giant panda bear’s (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) face.
Science, ELA
Grade 3

How can we protect endangered species in our area?

Conceptual image showing chalk drawings of cityscape growing out of the ground
Science, STEM
Grades 3-12

How can we redesign a public space to make it more environmentally sustainable?

Two children, one wearing a pink shirt and the other a blue shirt, stand in front of a multicolored playground structure in a park.
Science, Math
Grades 5-7

Can one square meter predict the health of our ecosystem?