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birds eye view of two miniature golf clubs, two balls, and a hole on a mini golf course
ELA, Math
Grade 4

How can we use geometry to design an appealing and challenging mini golf course?

A child’s colorful drawing of an intricate map.
Social Studies
Grade K-2

How can we help new friends get to know our community?

young child in a chef's hat baking bread
Science, ELA
Grade 2

What is the chemistry behind the recipes we create?

The Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial in Washington, D.C. on a cloudy day at dusk.
ELA, Social Studies
Grade K-2

What makes someone a community hero?

Close up of a colorful green housefly
Science, ELA, Math
Grade PreK

How can we teach people about the bugs that live in our homes and schools?

An Inuit mother and her daughter on the tundra of Baffin Island in late spring. They are interacting with each other. Background is rock, ice and distant mountains.
ELA, Social Studies, World Languages
Grades 6-12

How can we revitalize a language that is important to our community?

Alphabet blocks on a white background
Grade PreK

How can we make and share an alphabet book about the kids in our class?

A young child and older woman exercising together with dumbbells in a park
Grade K-2

How can we share exercise with elders in our community?

Birds eye view of a group of people sitting at a table, looking at paper prototypes and other mobile app documentation
Career/Technical (CTE), STEM
Grade 9-12

How can we create apps to address problems we see in our local community?

chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream scoops in cones, with an ice cream scooper in the background
Grade 8

How can we create a profitable pop-up ice cream shop that will bring joy to our community?

A vibrantly colored mask is featured in a Balinese cremation ceremony in Ubud, Bali.
Fine Arts
Grades 6-12

What masks do we wear when we go about our daily lives?

Digitally generated waves in a spectrum of vivid colors set against a black backdrop
Science, Fine Arts
Grades K-3

How can we use light and sound to communicate emotion through our art?

Wall of soft drinks displayed on supermarket shelves
Career/Technical (CTE)
Grade 9-12

What products should we be vending?

An empty, medium-sized theater with black and red seats as seen from the back row.
Fine Arts
Grades 6-12

How can we design a theatrical set that adds meaning and power to a production?

A close-up of the feet of three hip-hop dancers on stage, wearing colorful sneakers.
Fine Arts, Social Studies
Grades 6-12

How can we use dance to tell stories about conflict, cooperation, and human-environment interactions?

An abstract landscape with mountainous terrain and a sky that has several transparent moons
Grade 6-8

How can we design realistic sci-fi alien creatures movie goers will love?

A blue audio waveform set against a dark background.
Fine Arts
Grades 6-12

How can we compose a musical score that transforms a film viewer’s experience?

Group of students gathered around a table
Grades 6-12

How can we support younger students through the transition to middle school?

Group of students making structures out of cardboard
Science, Math
Grades 9-12

How can we redesign a product’s packaging to make it more environmentally friendly?

The legs of a couple dozen walkers participating in a race, with pavement featured prominently in the foreground.
Grade 8

How can we plan a profitable walk-a-thon to benefit a cause we care about?