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Teaching Practice Videos
The Buck Institute has created this short video to help explain the Project Based Teaching Practices in our model for Gold Standard PBL.
Teacher Sara Lev leads her transitional kindergarten students in an Interdisciplinary project in this video
Project Videos
PBLWorks Project Videos 2018: Transitional Kindergarten - Interdisciplinary.
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Product Toolkit
A business plan is a document that provides an overview of an existing or new business, outlining its goals as well as the steps and strategies to be implemented in order to achieve those goals. Business plans are developed for both internal purposes and external audiences, such as a plan written…
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Research-Based Presentation Rubrics
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A museum exhibit is a curated collection of artifacts arranged and displayed for viewers' education and/or enjoyment. Exhibits are typically organized around a particular topic or theme with items carefully selected and strategically presented in order to convey a story or message about the subject.
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An idea talk (inclusive of TED Talks, PechaKuchas, Ignite Talks, and other formats) is a short, concise presentation about a focused idea using a structured format.
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A picture book is a book in which the illustrations are as important as – or more important than – the text in telling the story or conveying the message of the book.
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An infographic is a visual representation of data, information, or ideas using graphics (images, illustrations, charts, diagrams) and minimal text. Infographics are often used to present large data sets or explain complex concepts in a way that is digestible and memorable.
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Strategy Guides
A rubric is more than a tool to assess final products. It is a tool that should be leveraged throughout the project to support multiple kinds of learning opportunities for your students. This guide offers strategies for using rubrics to aid learning at each phase of a project.
This is a Thumbnail of the Project Planner Tool
Planning Tools
This planning template can be used to design your next PBL project.
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Strategy Guides
In Project Based Learning, students should have regular opportunities to reflect, individually and with others, on both what and how they are learning. This guide provides a framework and strategies for supporting reflection on learning throughout a project.
Teacher and student discussing their goal setting
Other Videos
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Strategy Guides
At the beginning of the project, students are introduced to key content in an authentic context via a stimulus or hook, which in PBL we call an entry event.
This video features high school students reflect on their experience of Project Based Learning and also practiced the 21st century competencies needed for personal and workplace success.
Other Videos
High school students reflect on their experience of Project Based Learning.
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Student Handouts
This document helps students organize their presentations with a specific audience in mind.
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Strategy Guides
A learning log is a tool that students use during the project to keep track of their questions and learning generated through their research. This guide offers strategies for teaching students to use learning logs to support inquiry throughout a project.
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Strategy Guides
Norms are the agreed upon rules that build a productive, self-driven, and respectful culture. These norms, especially when co-created with students, can serve as the “north star” or guiding philosophy for all that happens in a classroom.