Project Planner


Start planning your next PBL project with confidence, using this step-by-step form as your guide.

Thumbnail of Project Planner
Why is a project planner important?

When you’re ready to design a project for your classroom, it’s helpful to have a framework to capture your ideas and organize your plans.

A Gold Standard PBL unit has a lot of pieces to plan: your goals for student learning, entry event and driving question, major product(s) students will create, daily lessons, and more.

It’s also a good idea for a school to use a common framework for PBL unit planning, so teachers can collaborate using the same language, and share projects more easily with colleagues.

So we’ve created a Project Planner to support you in the planning process.

The Project Planner has five parts:

1. Project Overview: Key features of your project

2. Learning Goals: Standards, success skills, literacy skills, rubrics

3. Project Milestones: Significant steps in the project

4. Project Calendar: Day-by-day activities in the project

5. Lesson Planner: Supporting resource with guidance on planning daily lessons to meet the needs of all learners

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