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Resource: (Student Handouts)
Explains PBL, details the project, addresses assessment issues, and informs parents how to help.
Resource: (Blog)
Ideas for developing relationships, co-creating norms, practicing protocols and establishing routines, and designing a classroom conducive to PBL.
Resource: (Teaching Practice Videos)
The Buck Institute has created this short video to help explain the Project Based Teaching Practices in our model for Gold Standard PBL.
Resource: (Product Toolkit)
An interactive map is a digital map that enables the viewer to explore and engage with the information by panning around, zooming in and out, hovering over points of interest, and clicking on objects to learn more about them. An interactive tour involves placards, QR codes, or other media placed in real-world locations, designed to provide people with site-specific information or experiences.
Resource: (Project Videos)
PBLWorks Project Videos 2018: High School World History - Erin Brandvold, Impact Academy of Arts & Tech
Resource: (Planning Tools)
For quick evaluation of a project's design, to check for Gold Standard PBL's Essential Elements.
Resource: (Strategy Guides)
How to use project walls to manage and display student learning in the classroom.
Project: Math
In this project, students take on the role of financial planners and help local families to plan for goals such as retirement, college tuition, and mortgage reduction.
Project: Science
Confusion, and fear about vaccines-- especially the new mRNA COVID-19 vaccines-- is leading to a resurgence in COVID-19 cases around the United States.
Project: Math, Social Studies
In this project, students will investigate different voting methods such as ranked choice, approval, plurality, and proportional representation.
Project: ELA
In this project, students build their reading fluency and comprehension skills as they create engaging video productions of fables and folktales from diverse cultures.
Resource: (Planning Tools)
Plan projects with Gold Standard PBL's Essential Project Design Elements.
Resource: (Planning Tools)
This rubric describes beginning, developing, and Gold Standard levels for Project Based Teaching Practices.
Resource: (Rubrics)
This file provides an overview of the rest of the rubrics offered within MyPBLWorks. The following is described:
Resource: (Articles)
This table shows some examples of how teachers used thinking routines in PBL units.
Resource: (Project Videos)
PBLWorks Project Videos 2018: Middle School ELA/History - Kimberly Head-Trotter, McKissack MS, TN.
Resource: (Project Videos)
PBLWorks Project Videos 2018: Grade 3 interdisciplinary - Cheryl Bautista, Katherine Smith ES
Resource: (Project Videos)
PBLWorks Project Videos 2018: High School Chemistry - Rayhan Ahmed, Leaders High School.
Resource: (Project Videos)
PBLWorks Project Videos 2018: High School Math - Telannia Norfar, Northwest Classen HS, OK
Project: Science
Students work together to investigate local species that are (or were) native to the area and are now endangered or threatened.