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A woman wearing a mask and getting her temperature checked
Grade 9-12

How can we help local policy makers use math to prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases?

Group of students making structures out of cardboard
Science, Math
Grades 9-12

How can we redesign a product’s packaging to make it more environmentally friendly?

Assorted foods(raspberries, carrots, tomatoes, walnuts, various greens) across a tabletop
ELA, Health/PE
Grade 9-12

How can our school improve structures and schedules to best support student wellness?

A stack of hundred dollar bills with labels reading "mortgage," "bills," and "food."
Grades 11-12

How can we create a financial plan for a family?

A freshly graded report card—featuring an A +, A and B + grades—with a felt-tip pen laying beside it.
ELA, Math
Grades 6-12

How can we design a fair grading system?

A colorful pink, yellow and blue digital illustration of building-like shapes as seen from above.
Grade 9-12

What mathematics do game designers need to create their games?

A row of parked cars at a dealership at sunset.
Grades 9-12

How do I know if a vehicle is a good deal?

Photo of museum roof showing parabolic effect of support structure
Career/Technical (CTE), Math
Grade 9-12

How can we help a local business make the most money?