Project Management - The Devil Is in The Differentiation!


(This post originally appeared on PBL Connections.)

11th grade US History students high-fiving, fist-bumping after a US Constitution assessment? Yep. Shouting “We owned that!” after a high-stakes history presentation? Yep. We have all seen the smiles, confidence, and pride that fills students after a PBL presentation where the audience was left with their jaws on the floor and no ideas for questions. I have seen that same pride in the Special Education student who earned his first “A” in English with the script he wrote for the Psychology movie that explains Tourettes Syndrome. Students earned it, but don’t forget all the work that it took the teacher to get them there. The hours spent in the classroom, and outside of it, managing the learning and behaviors of 30 different kids like a herd of wild cats.  

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