Lip Dubs and PBL Culture. Say What?!


Lip dub videos are all the rage right now. Type “lip dub” on the YouTube search bar and you’ll get a hit of almost 2,000,000 videos. Most of these lip dub videos were created in a school near you.

So you might ask yourself, why? Why is this a thing?

A simple answer is that lip dubs are fun. I mean really fun. Who doesn’t like dancing to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”? Check out this principal’s moves.Other than being fun, lip dubs are a great way to build a PBL culture. Last September I was on a Hangout where we discussed this Gold Standard PBL Project Based Teaching Practice. This is why my school, Applied Technology Center (ATC) in Montebello, California, created a lip dub as a school-wide project on the first two days of school last fall.  

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