It Takes a System for High Quality PBL

“I was really excited about the project I designed, but then I got back to the reality of my classroom and school. I really could have used longer blocks of instructional time. I also didn’t have many other teachers in my school who understood what I was trying to do.”
- Joanne, Grade 5 teacher

“I wish our Assistant Superintendent had attended the training! She’s worried that PBL is going to negatively impact our test scores. The truth is, I think this type of learning will better prepare our kids for tests and any challenges in general! Not to mention, I’ve never seen my teachers as inspired as they are now.”
- Oscar, Middle School Principal

“The PBL 101 training allowed my colleagues and I to collaborate and discuss teaching and learning more deeply than we ever had. We rarely have time in our district to work together like that.”
- Robert, High School Biology Teacher