Pajama Party

How can we design and create new sleepwear to model at a pop-up fashion show?

Career/Technical (CTE)
Key Content
fashion design, consumer and family sciences, sewing, fabric, textiles
Four children's legs and feet in pajama pants, children holding mugs of hot chocolate in their laps

In this project, students work as fashion designers, seamsters, tailors, and models as they sketch, sew, and fit unique pajama pants for each other to model on the runway. They learn about design styles, fabric selection, and the process of constructing a garment as they practice important skills such as taking body measurements, following the instructions on a pattern guide sheet, laying out the pattern, pinning and cutting the fabric. After creating their pajama pants, students encounter a “curveball” challenge that requires them to modify or embellish the garment in some way. Finally, students host a pop up fashion show to present their sleepwear designs to an authentic audience.

Note: This project is designed to be implemented after students have already learned how to use a sewing machine: thread the machine, sew a straight seam, backstitch, control the speed, etc.