The legs of a couple dozen walkers participating in a race, with pavement featured prominently in the foreground.

The Many Functions of Walking

How can we plan a profitable walk-a-thon to benefit a cause we care about?

Project Summary

Students work together to plan a walk-a-thon in order to raise money for a cause or event that is important to their community. (As an alternative, you might consider having students partner with a walk-a-thon that is already happening.) Examples may include, but are not limited to, hurricane relief, cancer research, a school dance, or an eighth grade graduation event. 

While planning the walk-a-thon, each team of students engages in a series of activities that require them to use functions to model different types of sponsorships, predicted times based on walking rates, and per-person costs for running the event. Students create and maintain a blog as a method of advertising, soliciting sponsors, and explaining their work with functions to the community.

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