Literary Playlist

How can we use music to communicate about characters and themes in a novel/story?

Key Content
literary analysis, character development, theme
A book lies open on a desk, with a pair of white ear-buds acting as a bookmark.

Taking on the role of curators for a streaming music service that is producing a special collection of literary-inspired playlists, students read and analyze literature to develop music playlists that portray the development of themes and/or characters over the course of the novel/story. Students publish their playlists, along with a detailed set of liner notes that provide an evidence-based analysis of the themes or character development throughout the written work and a rationale for the selection of each song.

*Although most PBLWorks model projects range from 2 to 4 weeks, timing for this project may vary greatly depending on the length and complexity of self-selected texts and the in-class versus out-of-class time provided for independent reading—you may zoom in and out of project activities over a period of time as students read their texts.