Old handwritten letters and papers are stuffed inside of a vintage handbag on a desk strewn with letters.
Social Studies

History in Pictures

How can we as historians design an interactive digital tool for a [local museum, historical society, or archive] that demonstrates our local community’s influence on a period in history?

Project Summary

In this project, students partner with a local historical society or archive to explore, research, and interpret primary source images and documents from a significant event or period in local history that connects to a larger historical moment or social movement (e.g., the Civil Rights movement, the Great Depression, or the Vietnam War). They read narratives and first-person accounts from the period in question to build background knowledge. Then students work together in teams, using a digital tool such as ThingLink, to create an interactive museum app that provides context and background for the images and artifacts and connects them to the larger historical moment or social movement.

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