Green Emergency Exit sign with arrow and running stick figure man.

Getting to Safety

In case of a fire, what is the best way to safety?

Project Summary

In this project, students make a fire escape plan for their homes and school using measurement concepts. They review existing school emergency plans, gather input from local fire officials, and engage in inquiry about fire safety and different units of measurement.

Using what they learn, students calculate and communicate the distance between each turn, using standard (feet, meters) and nonstandard (steps) units of measurement, and then add those quantities together to calculate the total distance of each route. Students use their calculations to compare distances and to determine the fastest and safest route out of the building. The plans students develop receive feedback from local firefighters and are presented to local fire officials, students, and other members of the community.*

*Note that this project can be adapted to address emergency plans for other emergency or natural hazard situations (e.g., floods, earthquakes, etc.).

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