Project Designer

Whether you're new to PBL, or you're a busy PBL teacher, our Project Designer gives you a shortcut to implementing high quality PBL in your classroom.

Adapt one of 72 Gold Standard PBL projects – or create your own project – that's ready to use in the classroom or online. The user-friendly format walks you through each step of designing a project for your students’ needs.


Example Projects

Shrinking Our Footprints Project: Full Version of Project Available for Free
Science, Math
Grades 3-6

How can we use data to reduce our families’ impact on the environment?

Antique black-and-white photograph of Ocean Avenue, Long Branch New Jersey, with two buggies going down a dirt road.
Social Studies
Grades 3-12

How can we as historians uncover and share stories about our community?

Changing the World One Poem at a Time Project: Full Version of Project Available for Free
Grades 9-12

How can we use poetry to promote social justice in our community?

How the Project Designer works

Project Designer by PBLWorks

Choose from 72 standards-based high quality PBL projects, across subject areas and grade levels (K-12). Each project includes detailed instructional activities, editable rubrics, project information sheets, family letters, and modifications for at-home learning.

1. Choose a project from the library (or start from scratch). You can customize any of the 70+ projects designed for K-12 students, across subject areas. Or create your own project with the tool.

2. Adapt the project to the needs of your classroom. Use the interactive online tool to modify the project elements step-by-step to your students, your context, and standards.

3. Download, print, and implement your project. When you've completed your adaptations, you can download, print, share, and then implement the project in your classroom.

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